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Induction Seduction

Walk into just about any relatively new hotel kitchen from Malaysia to Moscow and you’re likely to see nothing but a gleaming flat glass surface on the cookline. Induction cooking has been mainstream in Europe for years and has spread around the world. Here in the U.S., many if not most of us still prefer…

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Anatomy Of A Well-Designed Bar

The key to good bar design is efficiency; the fewer steps a bartender has to take, the more drinks he or she can make per hour and the higher the bar’s sales. Proper layout, smart space allocation and incorporating all of the tools and equipment required to run and maintain the bar are critical. Frankly,…

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Ways Social Media Is Changing The Restaurant Industry

Every second, 12 newly active mobile accounts spring up on social media, steadily adding to the 2.3 billion social media users currently active worldwide. Social media is a bona fide global phenomenon, and it’s changing the way we experience everything from day-to-day communication to eating out. Restaurants have become hotbeds of smartphone activity as consumers happily snap…

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