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Nov 20 2017

Create the ideal catering kitchen for your needs

  Not all kitchens are created the same. What you need from a residential kitchen almost certainly differs from what you’d like to see in a commercial kitchen, and a catering kitchen is a space unique unto itself. Without a ...

Nov 13 2017

From Factory To Kitchen

Different situations can call for purchasing through different channels that you might not otherwise use. But a general set of guiding principles can help. Foodservice equipment and supplies arrive at your door through myriad means. The foodservice industry, like media ...

Oct 13 2017

Maintenance Tips For Accelerated Ovens

Accelerated ovens, also called fast-cook or high-speed ovens combine several heating technologies (including microwaves, impingement and radiant heat) to cook a variety of foods to golden perfection in a fraction of the time and space a traditional oven takes. They ...

Oct 3 2017

Design a commercial kitchen should be as thrilling as it is intuitive

The elements that make an industrial or commercial kitchen different from other food preparation spaces are the same things that can make a commercial kitchen phenomenally effective, and it has everything to do with design. Commercial kitchen design is like laying ...

Sep 25 2017

Induction Seduction

Walk into just about any relatively new hotel kitchen from Malaysia to Moscow and you’re likely to see nothing but a gleaming flat glass surface on the cookline. Induction cooking has been mainstream in Europe for years and has spread ...

Sep 18 2017

Anatomy Of A Well-Designed Bar

The key to good bar design is efficiency; the fewer steps a bartender has to take, the more drinks he or she can make per hour and the higher the bar’s sales. Proper layout, smart space allocation and incorporating all ...