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Nov 17 2016

Revit vs AutoCAD

Most foodservice consultants have at least one memory of an issue in a project that affected equipment performance, and it wasn’t their fault.  Ducts above display refrigerators that suck cool air towards them, intakes directly over dishwasher load or worse, ...

Nov 10 2016

Changing an Industry: From Hand Drawn Sketches to Virtual Reality Experience

Specifi is a global leader in restaurant and foodservice design. We are changing an industry. Specifi developes and provides restaurant designers, dealers, and manufacturers of restaurants and commercial kitchens the next generation digital tools and digital platform, and service solutions, ...

Sep 27 2016

Restaurant Sustainability: A Guide for Designers and Restaurant Managers

Restaurant dining is on the rise. Americans spent more money in restaurants in 2015 than on groceries, and well over half say they eat out at least once a week. Restaurants offer convenience, entertainment and a place to relax and ...