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Easy Small Restaurant Kitchen Design Software

Designing a very small restaurant kitchen involves lot of strategic planning to ensure that you make the most of your limited space. A very small restaurant will need to prioritise the most important parts of their menu, as it isn't practical to prepare food for a large menu. Take into account the kind of appliances and cookware you will need to make food for your customers, and use digital software to plan your space. Specifi Design is the foodservice industry's most advanced kitchen design software. Loaded with time-saving features for AutoCAD & Revit/BIM.

Tips for Very Small Restaurant Kitchen Design

The smaller your restaurant kitchen, the more preparation you will need.  A small restaurant kitchen layout will need to include space for ranges, ovens, fridges, preparation stations washing areas and a delivery area. All of which will be difficult to arrange unless you plan out your space. While every restaurant is different, the aforementioned sections need to be in almost every restaurant kitchen.

Customer and staff safety needs to be at the forefront of your mind when designing your small restaurant kitchen. When designing your space with Specifi, you can plot out where your exhaust system will go, where your easy-to-clean stainless steel countertops will be installed, and where each blender, food processor and tilt pan will be situated.

Consider Space and Layout When Designing A Small Restaurant Kitchen

Very small restaurant kitchen design needs to keep efficiency in mind. Food must be held and served at safe temperatures, which necessitates precise placement of everything from heat lamps in the serving areas, to lots of cool storage. The smaller your space is, the more likely it is you’ll need to explore using smaller restaurant kitchen equipment to account for the lack of space. Alternatively, you can try multi-use pieces of restaurant kitchen equipment. Kitchen equipment that performs a variety of functions is perfect for small commercial kitchens such as in a small restaurant. 

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Better Small Restaurant Kitchen Design With Specifi

When your space is small, restaurant kitchen design can become incredibly complex. However, Specifi’s powerful kitchen design software was created to make your job easier.

Specifi Design allows you to:

  • Import your own 2D drawings, then add 3D walls to better envision the final space.
  • Insert custom and branded restaurant kitchen equipment into your design, along with supplier-provided details direct from our electronic catalogue.
  • Build and manage your own personal library of CAD symbols and appliances.
  • Browse through seven demonstration libraries populated with over 8,000 furniture options and 2D and 3D symbols, gaining inspiration in the process.
  • Analyse fluctuations in pricing and project total project cost as well as estimates for utility usage.
  • Translate designs and product descriptions into multiple languages.
  • Sync with Specifi Quote to seamlessly create bids and offers based on your design.

With Specifi Design, you get the functionality you need to create a coherent restaurant kitchen design that you — and your clients — will value.

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Your Small Restaurant Kitchen Floor Plan: From Concept to Reality

Imagine trying to serve hundreds of people in your small restaurant everyday if you don't have an efficient space in your kitchen with the correct equipment. Daily operations become smoother when when each piece of your kitchen equipment is ideally situated and your exhaust system installed correctly. Take advantage of Specifi Design’s seven demonstration libraries to garner inspiration and great the perfect small restaurant kitchen layout for your needs. Track proposals, send invoices, manage your maintenance and service schedule, and centralize your entire operation. Specifi helps you do all that and more.

Owning a restaurant is an unpredictable business that depends on precise planning and adaptability, but a fully visualised, well-planned small restaurant kitchen design can give you the foundation necessary for growth. Specifi’s integrated family of products exist to help you harness your drive and achieve success when designing a commercial kitchen.

For commercial kitchen and restaurant design, we have the industry’s most innovative solution to help you save time and drive business.

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