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Specifi Quote will save you time and money. Quote from anywhere with the industry's most advanced and flexible quote system.

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Here to save you time and money

Specifi's cloud-based system to create proposals, bids and tenders for the restaurant equipment industry: Specifi Quote is loaded with advanced features.

  • Manufacturer libraries icon

    Includes updated manufacturer libraries: use advanced search to find products.

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    Customise your quotes with flexible templates

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    Quote in multiple languages & currencies

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    Create personal libraries and multiple price lists

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    Manage markups and discounts per customer

  • Can produce Bill of Quantities, Tender or Specification proposals

Ashley Flanagan Fire - Ice

“I’ve been using Specifi Quote for ten years. Specifi has truly been like having my own personal assistant as it makes quoting commercial kitchens so much easier and error-free.”

-- Ashley Flanagan, Owner, Fire & Ice Food Equipment Pty Ltd

Specifi Quote is browser-based and works wherever you are

  • Software upgrades are automatic

  • Quotes are instantly backed up and easily shared

  • Equipment in eCatalog is continually updated

  • Add accessories and options to equipment in seconds


Specifi Quote - Full List of Features


Connect to the internet and create a quote with our intuitive browser-based software.

No software to download. Just login and start quoting.

Quote is always up to date - cloud-based platform, no more manual updating.

Project documents are easily shared and securely stored.

Easy subscription model - just like your music or TV

Updated eCatalogue

Online eCatalogue contains thousands of manufacturers’ products.

Content is always up to date in this cloud-based platform.

Custom-configure and adjust accessories to equipment with 3D preview.

Save products to a personal library.

Pricing Management

Quote in different currencies with real-time exchange rates.

Multiple price lists – no more limits.

Per customer markup/discount for products, suppliers & customers.

Flexible price and discount management for inserted content.

Service management - installation/transportation fees.

Quote Customisation

Customised subtotaling and column titles.

Layout customization: differentiate your brand from the rest.

Order generation and printing.

Export a quote to Excel /.csv file.

Additional Exclusive Features

Simple to use project creation wizard offers different user workflows.

Webhooks for integration with 3rd party services.

Useful analytics capability to help you manage your business in real time

Synchronise content both ways between design and quote, and vice versa (exists today on Desktop version and coming soon to new cloud-based Quote)

Commercial Kitchen Quoting Made Easy

The quote and tender workflow is a vital part of bringing a restaurant operator’s vision into reality. To efficiently and effectively execute a planned commercial kitchen design, there must be careful coordination between you and the designers, manufacturers,

general contractors and architectural engineers who will all play important roles along the way.

This process of quotation management presents a host of potential challenges: From verifying the functionality of commercial kitchen equipment to overseeing the costs of

appliances and installation, there are tasks are a necessity, not just on their own, but as part of the larger scope of design and production. Manually correlating all the necessary information and specifications would be daunting, if not impossible. That's why we created cloud-based Specifi Quote.

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