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Build your 5D Digital Catalog.
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Since 2005, our expert team has created digitized content for hundreds of foodservice product manufacturers worldwide. Whether you want to create a new library or  improve your existing content - we’ve got you covered.


The 5D Digital Catalog: Your Corporate DNA

A 5D Digital Catalog is an incredibly powerful tool.

It's the digital "single source of truth" for all of types of content that can be instantly accessed and specified. 

Convert potential customers into buyers.


1st Dimension

Distributing Your Content

We will publish your existing data on Specifi E-cat, available 24/7 worldwide for users who want to download individual PDF & blocks


2nd Dimension

Build your own database

Use our PIM software, Specifi Organiser. It helps you internally collect, upload, store, share your data. 


3rd Dimension

Static standalone content

The first step to enter the project world of engineers, architects and designers to get specified


4th Dimension

Smart content

Providing engineers, architects and designers the high level of configurable content that match the actual equipment options in the specific project


5th Dimension

Your "digital utopia."

Tying a relational database to drawings & commercial info, prices, tech sheets, and any marketing documentation

All the insights you need to know about our content creation, maintenance and distribution services to guide you through your digital transformation embracing our multidimensional 5D digital catalog strategy.

Which is the right solution? The choice is yours!

We will guide you through your digital journey to find the right balance between the technical and commercial needs of foodservice designers and estimators. You can choose what solution fits your digital strategy and your products.



A digital representation of a Foodservice equipment pre-configured with a static preset of visible accessories, parts, and colors delivered as-is.

Unmodifiable by users.

Preview of Specifi Software For Commercial Kitchens


A digital representation of Foodservice equipmentwith highly configurable elements.

Users can change options and accessories on-demand

Philipp Tschopp

Philipp Tschopp

Market Manager at Hobart

The market demand for BIM and DWG files is growing and growing. Planners, service partners and dealers can benefit from the solutions the Specifi software provides.

Mario Heyninck

Mario Heyninck

Head of International Sales Europe at Palux AG

Specifi is a great tool that allows us create drawings that help develop and send quotations to our customers and partners. It helps make our everyday work easier.

Warwick Wakefield

Warwick Wakefield

Customer Experience Director at Flexserve

We’re really excited to be partnered with Specifi. Specifi is a great extension to our sales team and gives a wide range of people greater access our products.

Do you already have drawings, database and spec sheets? Great!

Let our team check your content’s data and standards. Get set to join the Specifi network and instantly reach thousands of dealers and designers.

Our services

Specifi Studio includes a wide range of content development and maintenance services.

Drawing Creation

CAD and Revit symbols are not built with the intent of manufacturing actual food equipment.

The level of detail includes attributes required by industry standards such FCSI and IFSE standards for Revit (shared parameters/GUID).

Database Creation

The creation of a single source of truth is critical to a functional digital catalog and comes with a database.

It’s the starting point of a project because data is often distributed within the company, replicated separately in each individual department (Sales, Marketing, Production).

Contact us to learn more about other services like drawing and database conversion, optimization and maintenance

Wondering which service to choose?

We will advise you on what makes sense based on your products and your market category or target market.

Make it easy to find, configure and download your entire product line.


With Specifi Studio, your content is future-proofed from evolving regulations and standards, yearly design software revisions and your ongoing product development.

With our data hosting, publication and distribution service, you will allow your customers to have 24/7 access to curated, real-time configurable symbols and information for your entire catalogue.

Be where your customer is.