Consolidate and Control Your Own Content

Manage access to your data and break free from past constraints. 


Product Information Management for the Foodservice Industry

Your Single Source of Truth: Instantly share data with customers, marketing partners, and suppliers.
Eliminate the costs of bad data.

  • Your gateway to share information worldwide through gated access you control.

  • Cloud-based system - nothing to install.

  • Open platform that plays nice with others.

  • Assets appear everywhere while living in one place.

  • Products in Organiser are instantly available for quote & design in Specifi.

Start by Uploading Your Content

  • Manage your CAD & Revit files, JPGs, Spec Sheets, Manuals, Videos, all files welcome.

  • Create a brand and upload your product assets.

  • Adjust your settings on the fly.

  • Upload in bulk to save time.


Instantly See What's Missing

  • Click Edit on any product for quick view.

  • Click through description, connections, accessories & attachments.

  • View auto-generated checklist of missing information or assets.

  • Have confidence that your information is complete.

Share Assets & Information With Ease

  • Share with internal teams, partners, customers or externally.

  • Select products and export a spreadsheet with summary information.

  • Share product symbols, spec sheets, images and more.

  • Share your libraries both publicly and to personal groups.


Publish Content to the World

  • At-a-glance view of which products are published.

  • Instantly get your products in front of customers who are ready to buy.

  • All of your product updates are instantly published.

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Auto-Generate Spec Sheets

  • Select a product and make sure the description appears as needed.

  • Make sure all images and specifications are updated.


Intuitive Data Management

  • Extensive menu of foodservice product categories to choose from.

  • Choose all categories that apply.

  • Add product levels following the chapters of your official catalog.

  • Add connections, accessories and other information.

  • Your data is searchable and sharable everywhere you want it to be.

Here are results from a recent survey of marketers.

Does this sound like your company?


used Google to search for their company's logo


create assets that go unused


believe their team has used expired or un-approved assets

Analytics Keep You in Control

  • Know which products have the most activity.

  • Analytics show visits, clicks and downloads.

  • See how many times your products are being quoted and by whom.

  • See how many times your products are used in commercial design projects.