Streamline Your Workflow with Seamless Integration:
Unlock the Power of Our API Services for Easy-to-Use Connectivity

Integrate Specifi solutions into your business with our cutting-edge API services, designed to seamlessly sync our Specifi Quote and Specifi Organiser with your ERP, PIM and eCommerce systems.

Experience a new level of efficiency and productivity in managing commercial kitchen projects and product data.


This is how many Specifi customers get the most from our products to grow their business.

  • Integrate our quotation software easily with your existing ERP, PIM & eCommerce systems, eliminating data silos and streamlining your workflow.

  • Connect Specifi Organiser to allow downloading of authorized brands, adding new products, performing price updates and syncing with your entire enterprise.

  • Ensure up-to-the-minute accuracy with real-time data synchronization, allowing your team to access the latest project information instantly.

  • Our API is designed to make ERP integration easy, ensuring a trouble-free exchange of critical data.

  • Tailor our API to suit your specific needs, with flexible options that adapt your company's unique requirements.