Use Specifi's eCatalog Technology on Your Company Website

Specifi makes it easy to simply embed the eCatalog on your website, showcasing only your products. No Specifi subscription required for visitors.


This is the industry's most advanced, specialised and flexible system. Embed on your own website

Allow users to utilise powerful search and configuration tools to instantly find the products and accessories they need. Your customers will then be able to download symbols and spec sheets for your configured products. 

This is a great way to get your products specified in more projects. 

Click below to see a demo.


Our flexible solution will make a difference.

Distribute your content to anyone, independently of Specifi subscribers.

  • Easy implementation on your website

  • Utilises standard iFrame display

  • View all your products with their accessories

  • Update products automatically

  • "Single source of truth" updates

  • Multilingual functionality

Display Products on Your Website

  • Wow clients with interactive, vivid rotating 3D views of your concept.

  • You'll need Specifi-Certified content to activate 3D display

  • Only your company's products will be displayed

  • Customers can instantly configure and download .rfa or .dwg files from your website

  • Compatible with WordPress, Joomla, Django and other major platforms

  • Lead generator for you - you will get real-time analytics on usage

What better way to drive more sales than to give your customers the instant access to your product information and symbols from your website?

Your users will only see your company's products and you will receive regular analytics to let you know which customers are interested in your products.


Turn your Website into a Sales Engine

Specifi can provide an embeddable version of Specifi Share to include in the area of your website of your choice. Your team has to simply provide some basic information to Specifi, and we will provide code to insert within your site.

Do you already have drawings, database and spec sheets? Great!

Let our team check your content's data and standards. Get set to join the Specifi network and instantly reach thousands of dealers and designers.