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With a focus on speed and precision, Merrychef completely transforms the way we approach food preparation. Merrychef showcases a range of cutting-edge cooking solutions designed to revolutionise the culinary experience. When you sign up with Specifi, you will gain access to Merrychef's BIM, CAD, RFA and DWG files, and you'll uncover a selection of advanced ovens that harness the power of speed and technology to create exceptional dishes in record time.

Access Merrychef's BIM, CAD, RFA & DWG files by signing up to Specifi. 

Merrychef's library through Specifi's services

Thanks to Specifi’s digital platform, you can create and configure 3D drawings that are fully compatible with AutoCAD and Revit.

Access Merrychef’s digital catalogue when you sign up to Specifi Share, Specifi Design & Specifi Quote.

Specifi has advanced & affordable solutions for everyone in the foodservice equipment industry.

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Specifi Design

Specifi Design is the 2D & 3D design software developed specifically for professional Foodservice consultants, and designers involved in Foodservice projects such as restaurants, bars, and hotels.

If you are regularly using AutoCAD or Revit to design projects, Specifi Design is for you.

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Specifi Quote

Specifi's cloud-based system to create quotes and POs for the restaurant equipment industry is loaded with advanced features.

Specifi Quote is specifically developed for professional Foodservice dealers and estimators. If you are regularly quoting foodservice projects, Specifi Quote is for you.


Specifi e-Catalog

A single source to browse, configure and download everything you need for specifying commercial foodservice projects. 

This is the foodservice industry's most complete, cloud-based, updated, equipment resource. If you're a dealer or a designer, you can't afford not to use this. 

Merrychef’s products are highly configurable

Merrychef’s commitment to innovation and collaboration is clear from the quality of their products.

By providing comprehensive BIM resources, Specifi empowers professionals to seamlessly integrate their pioneering kitchen solutions into architectural plans and design projects.

Explore Merrychef’s BIM, CAD, RFA & DWG Libraries available with us at Specifi and unlock the full potential of Merrychef's innovative commercial kitchen solutions in your next project.

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Up-to-Date access to Manufacturer Libraries

Instantly access and configure equipment from our updated manufacturer libraries.

Merrychef's BIM Libraries

Streamlining Design and Construction Processes

Here are a few advantages of signing up with Specifi for Merrychef’s BIM, CAD, RFA & DWG libraries:

Design Accuracy

Merrychef’s BIM, CAD, RFA & DWG libraries provide accurate and up-to-date 3D models, technical data, and product information for Merrychef’s products. Architects, designers, and engineers can incorporate these models directly into AutoCAD and Revit, ensuring precise design representation and minimising errors during the planning stages.

Seamless Integration

By utilising Merrychef’s BIM Libraries, professionals can seamlessly integrate products into their overall design scheme. Specifi’s BIM libraries enable easy placement, sizing, and coordination of Merrychef’s products with other components, ensuring smooth collaboration among different stakeholders involved in the project.

Time and Cost Savings

Merrychef’s BIM Libraries streamline the design and construction processes by providing readily available BIM, CAD, RFA & DWG models of Merrychef’s products. This saves professionals valuable time that would otherwise be spent on manual drafting or searching for product information. Additionally, accurate modelling and coordination through BIM reduce the risk of rework, contributing to cost savings and overall project efficiency.

Wondering which service to choose?

Contact us to learn more about other services like drawing and database conversion, optimization and maintenance

We will advise you on what makes sense based on your products and your market category or target market.

Merrychef In Conclusion

Through an assortment of cutting-edge cooking solutions, Merrychef presents its commitment to redefining the culinary experience. As Specifi users explore the brand's offerings, they will uncover an array of advanced ovens that give chefs the power to craft exceptional dishes within moments. Use Merrychef BIM, CAD, RFA and DWG files in your next project and explore a realm where speed, precision, and flavour takes precedence.


No CAD Program? No Problem. Specifi has you covered.

We have a version that includes a CAD engine. Powered by Autodesk AutoCAD OEM, Specifi has an option to include a very affordable 2D and 3D CAD platform.