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Specifi Quote will improve the way you do business. Save time and money with the industry’s most advanced and flexible quote system.

Specifi Quote

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Here to save you time and money

Our system to create proposals, quotes, tenders and invoices for the restaurant equipment industry: Specifi Quote is loaded with advanced features.

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    Includes manufacturer libraries: just select and go

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    Customise your quotes with flexible templates

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    Quote in multiple languages & currencies

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    Create your own libraries and price list

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    Synchronises automatically with Specifi Design

  • Can produce Bill of Quantities, Tender or Specification

Ashley Flanagan Fire - Ice

“I’ve been using Specifi Quote for ten years. Specifi has truly been like having my own personal assistant as it makes quoting commercial kitchens so much easier and error-free.”

-- Ashley Flanagan, Owner, Fire & Ice Food Equipment Pty Ltd

No Internet? No problem. Specifi Quote works wherever you are

  • Sync straight from a quote to a design

  • Personalise your quotations with customisable templates

  • Most current manufacturer price lists are included


Specifi Design is focused on streamlining and improving the design of commercial kitchens.

Communicate your vision and collaborate with others while reducing errors and saving time.

Sync instantly to a quote.

Quote Sync

“I can go straight from a design project to a quote with the push of a button. This saves tons of time and re-keying mistakes.”

Roberto Casagrande, Design and Engineering Manager, Admares Modular Construction Oy, Venice, Italy
Roberto Casagrande

Commercial Kitchen Quoting Made Easy

The quote and tender workflow is a key part of bringing a restaurant operator’s vision into reality. To efficiently and effectively execute a planned commercial kitchen design, there must be careful coordination between you and the designers, manufacturers,

general contractors and architectural engineers who will all play important roles along the way.

This process of quote and invoice management presents a host of potential challenges: From verifying the functionality of commercial kitchen equipment to overseeing the costs of

appliances and installation, there are tasks that are important not just on their own but as part of the larger scope of production and design. Manually correlating all the necessary information and specifications would be daunting if not impossible. That’s why we created Specifi Quote.