“How it Should be” the Hospitality Industry



Specifi LLC Offers the World’s Only End-To-End 3D Commercial Kitchen Design Software Platform

When designing a kitchen for the hospitality industry, not using an end-to-end software design and solutions platform can easily result in problems with regulatory compliance, health and safety, lack of optimization in workflow, cost overruns, equipment incompatibility … and missed deadlines.

Of course, you might get lucky and find that many aspects of the design process have ended up the way you planned.  That is until the hospitality kitchen is first in use.  Then you find out … most definitely the hard way … that you have problems.

Things aren’t working the way they are supposed to work.

How you get things right — the first time — is to use Specifi™ LLC software and solutions. Specifi™ offers the world’s only end-to-end 3D commercial kitchen design software platform.

Specifi™ is “how it should be” in designing any type of kitchen for the hospitality industry. Hospitality kitchens the world over are designed and built using Specifi software and solutions. Specifi™ software and solutions incorporate all key factors in designing a hospitality kitchen.

Consider the task and project of planning the hotel kitchen, and of designing and planning hotel kitchen layouts, and developing the kitchen floor design in hotels.

Specifi™ LLC considers and incorporates all the different factors that affect the hotel kitchen design. Specifi™ 3D commercial kitchen design software is best-in-class; it is the only 3D tool on the market that enables you to simulate and virtually see the hotel kitchen in operation.

Specifi™ software and solutions constitute a global design platform that supports five languages, multiple currencies, and different units of measure.  This platform assures compatibility of hotel kitchen design elements that may be introduced from different designers and vendors.

As well, in terms of compatibility and integration of hotel design elements, the Specifi™ Studio solution solves a major and growing industry challenge.

It is the challenge that hospitality and commercial kitchen equipment manufacturers face:   maintaining a comprehensive and up-to-date certified digital catalog of the commercial kitchen symbols that designers can easily reference and incorporate into the 3D drawings they create when using AutoCAD, BricsCAD, or Revit modeling software.

The Specifi™ Studio symbol creation service is one in which our team of commercial-kitchen-symbols specialists and designers research, update, and maintain a manufacturer’s equipment catalog so that designers can easily reference and use the equipment in the creation of their 3D commercial kitchen design.

We will discuss, in the future, in this space, more reasons why Specifi™ LLC is the “go-to” provider of the software and solutions that effectively address all the different factors that affect hotel kitchen design.

And, for sure, and there is no doubt, that using Specifi™ LLC software and solutions is “how it should be” when designing kitchens for the hospitality industry.

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