MasterChef Italy Srl announces Company Name Change

MasterChef Italy Srl (formerly Render Image Srl) announced today that it has changed its name to Specifi LLC to reflect a new global brand and new ownership structure. The name change is the first step in the company’s expansion plans into the North American market.

In August 2015, Wolters-Althoff Investments (WAI) acquired the global MasterChef software and services business from Render Image Srl. At the same time the business changed its legal name to Specifi LLC, headquartered in Chicago, IL and introduced a new brand and mark. The business, now known as Specifi, LLC, will continue to have a substantial presence in Venice, Italy, and operate within Europe, the Middle East and Africa as Specifi Europe Srl.

Specifi LLC will continue to operate under the same customer focused principles that were instilled over 10 years ago when the company was founded and delivered the first version of MasterChef now known as Specifi. Founder Luca Salomoni said: “While the name of the Company will change, the product and operational leadership that got us to this place not only continues, but are enhanced as we as we enter the next chapter in our story”

The investment of WAI will allow Specifi to increase the rate of innovation it brings to the market and expand globally throughout Asia, South America and North America.

About Specifi LLC

Specifi LLC provides the only global, end-to-end solution supporting the foodservice equipment specification process. It includes a complete information repository as well as a comprehensive set of publishing, design, quotation and process/workflow tools. Each Specifi component can be operated as a stand-alone service alongside existing tools or as part of a complete end-to-end kitchen design/specification platform.

About Wolters-Althoff Investments (WAI)

Wolters-Althoff Investments is a Private Equity and Venture Capital fund with offices Chicago, IL. WAI focuses primarily on FOOD SERVICE, CONSUMER PRODUCTS, and the MEDICAL SECTOR, WAI carefully considers early stage companies who have a saleable business concept. These companies may be too small for private equity, too big for angel investing (and sometimes not glamorous enough to compete for venture capital).