Design a commercial kitchen in half the time

Specifi Design delivers properly configured symbols, special tools and commands specific to restaurant kitchen design needs. Most manufacturers' libraries are built-in, saving time and frustration.


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"Specifi is my secret weapon."

-Rolf Henke
FCSI Consultant

"The most important thing to make a place like this successful is the planning. For me it was really important which kind of equipment I could get for this concept."

Robert Hilges

Robert Hilges

Executive Chef

"I would not think about designing or quoting a project without Specifi. It's unique platform allows for powerful collaboration between all suppliers and stakeholders."

Rolf Henke

Rolf Henke

FCSI Consultant

"The design and level of love that everybody put into the design of this location just blows me away. This location tops everything Berlin has to offer."

Florian Lange

Florian Lange

Associate General Manager

Specifi Design saves you time and helps communicate your vision to your customer.

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    Instant access to hundreds of high quality manufacturer libraries

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    Customise your equipment at the touch of a key

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    Work in 2D and create high quality 3D renders

  • Synchronise your design to a quote in seconds with the touch of a button

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    Work with complete accuracy and streamline project communications

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    Work in the language and currency of your choice

Specifi Design

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SP Design


  • 3D Architectural tools to create an accurate 3D space in CAD
  • Create custom exhaust hoods with just three clicks
  • Draw the outline and create custom coldrooms instantly
  • Create work tops, bar structures, and more in multiple materials and in any shape
  • Thousands of options for creating 3D Bespoke fabrication
  • Add sinks and drop-ins to equipment and instantly create the cutout
  • Have all the project data such as utility consumption and list price always available in real time
  • Utilize your existing content and create everyday stock items for use in quote with our Personal Libraries
  • Utilizing 3D, create elevation views for your drawings in a fraction of the time
  • Provide the accurate 3D visuals and Renders your clients want
  • Speed up coordination drawing creation with Specfi's Utilities command

CAD Engine Compatibility

  • Autodesk® AutoCAD® from 2018 to 2022 (not LT version)
  • Autodesk® Revit® from 2018 to 2022 (not LT version)

Up-to-Date access to Manufacturer Libraries

Easily configure equipment from our comprehensive electronic libraries that contain products from most manufacturers.

Easily sync your design to a comprehensive quote and back

No more mistakes and miscommunication. With a few clicks, your design becomes a detailed quote with all the products and configurations included.

US: +1 888 850 3357 EMEA: +39 041 88 40 004