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May 4 2023

Improving BIM Processes with Specifi

Specifi: Content Will Always be the Difference Specifi has specialized in creating architectural symbols for foodservice equipment for 30 years. Specifi's architectural symbols are created in both CAD and BIM/Revit. In both formats, these equipment symbols are rich in data, ...

How To Design A Bar Layout

Designing a bar layout can be a complex process that requires careful consideration of a variety of factors, including the available space, customer flow, safety, and efficiency. There are some steps you will need to take when designing the layout ...
Cafe kitchen equipment to use in the cafe kitchen layout

Mar 22 2023

What equipment do you need for a restaurant?

It’s crucial to consider ‘what equipment do I need for a restaurant?’ if you are setting up a new restaurant venue from scratch. Without all the correct equipment, you won’t be ready to serve customers or get your restaurant properly ...
catering kitchen design

Mar 22 2023

How Much Does It Cost To Build A Restaurant Kitchen?

Whether you’re moving to a new restaurant venue or renovating an old restaurant building, you will need to make a cost-effective plan before you get started. It will completely depend on a range of factors when judging and accurately predicting ...
restaurant kitchen

Feb 24 2023

5 Tips To Design A Restaurant Kitchen

Designing a restaurant kitchen is an essential part of running a successful foodservice operation. An efficient and well-designed kitchen can help streamline your workflow, increase productivity, and ultimately improve the quality of your food. In this blog post, we’ll cover ...
commercial restaurant kitchen

Feb 24 2023

How to Build a Commercial Kitchen in 4 Steps

Building a commercial kitchen is a big undertaking, but it can be a rewarding investment with proper planning. The importance of a well-designed commercial kitchen cannot be understated, as it can improve the efficiency of your restaurant or catering business, ...