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Nov 14 2022

5 Restaurant Kitchen Design Ideas For 2023

Efficiency is crucial when managing a commercial kitchen, so you need to have a solid design in mind when planning your kitchen. Your staff need to be able to perform their job to the best of their capabilities, meaning that ...
kitchen layout regulations

Oct 14 2022

The Regulations For Kitchen Layouts In The UK

The Importance of Complying with Commercial Kitchen Regulations There are more regulations for commercial kitchen layouts than we can count. These rules ensure your kitchen is safe, sanitary and efficient when it comes to cooking and serving food. Complying with ...
The benefits of griddles vs planchas

Oct 14 2022

The Key Difference Between Griddles And Planchas

Trendy cooktops such as planchas are replacing the grill in both commercial kitchens and at home. There are specific benefits to using a plancha instead of a griddle, and we’ll explore the differences between griddles and planchas in this article. ...

Nov 10 2021

Diners In Different Parts of the World Still Hesitant to Eat Inside

While restaurant customers have returned to indoor dining in some parts of the world, a new global study by Technomic shows that many people still aren’t ready for it. The economic forecasting firm Technomic asked 8,704 consumers in 25 countries ...

Nov 10 2021

McDonald’s Canada Is Getting Rid of Plastic Cutlery, Stir Sticks and Straws by December

McDonald’s Canada is saying goodbye to plastic cutlery (except its McFlurry spoons), stir sticks and straws and replacing them with wooden and paper alternatives by December. This phase-out is occurring at all of the more than 1,400 Canadian locations and ...
beautiful outdoor kitchen design

Dec 13 2020

7 Dining Trends That Will Matter in 2021

Few would dispute that 2020 has been a hellacious year for the foodservice industry, and has shaped new dining trends for 2021. While promises of a vaccine offer hope things will turn around, there’s still a long road to recovery. ...
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