Now there's a free repository for all manufacturer content.

Specifi Share is an entirely free solution sanctioned by FEA for all manufacturers and suppliers to publish pricing, symbols and product information.

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Specifi Share connects manufacturers with specifiers for free.

Specifi Share helps manufacturers distribute their content

Specifi Share is where dealers & designers access content

Getting Started is Easy for Everyone


  1. Sign the contract
  2. Upload your files – we'll tell you where
  3. Watch your business grow as distributors and customers access your content

Dealers & Designers

  1. Create an account or log in
  2. Request authorisation from manufacturers
  3. Browse and download what you need instantly

Manufacturers — Are you in?

Specifi Share is funded by FEA for all manufacturers and suppliers to publish pricing, symbols and product information to the UK market.

"If it's on the plan, it's as good as sold"

– Keith Warren, Director, FEA

FEA Industry message about Specifi Share

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“SP Share gives our design team access to configurable symbols where we don’t have them, to get the job done quickly and efficiently”

Jack Sharkey MSc, Managing Director, Vision Commercial Kitchens, UK

Specifi Share is Easy to Use

If you are a dealer, consultant or designer, it's easy to create a free account and use Sp Share. Finding the symbols, pricing and product information you need is easy - and fast.

Watch this video to see how it works.

"Specifi is critically important to our business. People need to access globally the data that we can offer.... I think it's a perfect platform."

-- Paul Anderson, Managing Director, Meiko UK

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Malcolm Harling Circle

"SP Share represents a great opportunity for us to get our products out to the marketplace. If our products are easily accessible, we make it easier for our customers to do business with us." 

Malcolm Harling, Sales & Marketing Director, Williams Refrigeration