How about Intellectual Property? Is there any NDA or other document to protect Manufacturer trade secrets?

Category: Distribution of Manufacturers data

Data that Manufacturer sends Specifi for content creation is its own property and everything is regulated under officially signed NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement).

When we are creating content on Manufacturer’s behalf, what we are producing is under Specifi intellectual property because Specifi is adding its own expertise (and so “know-how”) to build something “different” and more useful to designers and estimators but we are not sharing any trade secret: our drawings represent just the external envelope of the equipment with real colors, logos, standards and shapes but no construction or production sensitive information; our database is filled with the same information any dealer or designer can find on catalog, website or spec sheets of the Manufacturer.

Notwithstanding Specifi Intellectual Property, the Manufacturers shall always own their data. Specifi will not lay any claim to the Manufacturers supplied data. Specifi only lays claim to the proprietary software used to create and distribute data.

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