Why is it in your best interest to provide Specifi time to analyze your catalog before we provide you with an offer?

Category: How to get started

Specifi wants to minimize Manufacturers investment on content creation and we can often do so by as much as 30% rather than standard pricing per file.

The effort in terms of content creation is completely different, based on the type of equipment (i.e.: creating a stainless-steel table – both drawing and database – is not time consuming like creating an oven or a coffee machine) and type of drawing (RFA Revit files are more complex to create than DWG files). Additionally:

  • Specifi does not charge the same price for each product while this product is part of a series with small variants or few technical specification changes
  • Specifi recovers as much as possible from the original source files of the Manufacturer, and if we can reuse this material we can save you money

The minimum required information to start the analysis is the following:

  • Exportation of any data you have via CSV, SQL, XLS, etc. (if any)
  • PDF Catalog
  • Examples of drawings in available formats (if any)
  • Examples of spec sheets (if any)

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