Why might Specifi need to convert Manufacturers drawings?

Category: Equipment Drawings

Most of the times Manufacturers have production drawings that are not optimize for designers’ needs. Additionally, we recommend not to share those drawings in any case, because they can have trade secret inside. Based on the status of the original drawings, we can match expectations from the market but it is necessary to convert or optimize (or re-build from scratch in some cases) the starting material. These below are the most common situations:

Drawing status Challenges
o   IGES, STEP or any other production files

o   Revit families with built-in accessories and variant

For the purposes of architectural planning file sizes should never exceed 1 Mb. Furthermore, files for the purposes of manufacturing contain sensitive and/or proprietary information that should not be shared. These files should be used only as a guide/reference.
o   DWG files – 2D only: top view or top, front, lateral view

o   DWG files – 3D only

o   DWG files with not optimized insertion point or scale or unit of measure

These files can cause a lot of manual work if imported as-is in a project by a foodservice designer, converting them in an acceptable layout
o   DWG or Revit files with pre-assembled elements (static standalone) These files can not be modified by a foodservice designer without manual workaround or can not be configured with different variant, accessories, colors
o   DWG or Revit files in other standard

o   Non FCSI/IFSE standard Revit files

These files can not adhere to the standard recognized by the Foodservice Industry or satisfy partially or locally (country-based) foodservice designers needs

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