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The evolution of Computer Aided Design to Building Information Modelling in the Food Service Industry

Before computers were a common place in offices. Commercial kitchen designers were regarded as draftsmen. Some of these draftsmen spent years perfecting their trade. They would create their kitchen plans using a diverse type of materials, specialist pens and pencils drawn by hand on a drafting board. It was a pain staking delicate process. Mistakes…

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How BIM is affecting the Foodservice Industry?

You are probably thinking you are going to read how BIM is making the food service industry a success for everyone in this sector. “A Game Changer!” “A God Send!” But at the moment, this movement towards BIM in the food service industry has been an almighty shock wave of conflict, confusion, indecision, and more…

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The Future of Restaurant Design

The word “restaurant” is a derivative of the French word restaurer, literally meaning “to restore.” The first restaurants were simple places that served one or two dishes, typically soups, intended to restore diners’ health — hence the name — but over the last few centuries, the idea of restaurants as a place for restoration has evolved to mean…

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