Dynamic Digital Content is the Future

Get and make available a library of CAD and REVIT symbols for every product in your catalog.


Specifi Studio is the most advanced content creation service in the foodservice world

A solution that provide businesses with the information they need with a standard that will future proof it forever.


"Content is no longer just a 'thing.' It became clear that it was not a sustainable strategy to invest in static/analogue content anymore. Content is a living/changing being and Specifi is the only one with the tools to create it and manage it dynamically, affordably and still leave us completely in control."

Mikel Olarte, Marketing Director

Fagor Industrial

Design, create and publish high-quality content

The quality standard of shape and size will adhere to industry accepted practices and standards for use in foodservice Designs and Quotes of commercial food facilities.

2D/3D symbols

2D/3D geometric representation (in DWG or RFA format) of Foodservice equipment with highly configurable elements 


Accessories, parts, configurations, variants will be linked to the right equipment. No limitation of number of pricelists or languages

Digital catalog

A database of equipment with technical/commercial information correctly associated to drawings.

High level of details

  • 2D/3D geometric rapresentation in DWG or RFA format

  • Highly configurable elements changing accessories or parts

  • Technical/commercial information correctly associated to drawings

  • Multiple pricelists and languages provided by the manufacturer

circle products

Your library in a digital and multi platform

When your library is complete, it will be easy for you and your customers to find, configure, and use equipment in drawings or quotations.

Your library will be available in:

You will also have access to the Specifi Organiser platform

BIM is crucial

When commercial kitchen and restaurant designers using AutoCAD or Revit to create 3D drawings of their design, they use specialised symbols to represent the equipment they've chosen.

As a manufacturer of that equipment, you know how important it is to have a library of BIM and REVIT symbols available for every product in your catalogue.

Having played a critical role in delivering the world standards now embraced by the FCSI, our designers/programmers are capable of creating the right BIM compliant data. 


Do you already own technical drawings? No problem.

Specifi Studio transforms what you have in a better digital content. Share your equipment through Specifi platform.

Make it easy to find, configure and download your entire product line.


With Specifi Studio, your content is future-proofed from evolving regulations and standards, yearly design software revisions and your ongoing product development.

Specifi Studio allows your customers to have 24/7 access to curated, real-time configurable symbols and information for your entire catalogue.

Be where your customer is.


Hundreds of leading manufacturers can't be wrong.

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